What to wear - The cutest outfits for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it the right time to start thinking about the cutest outfits for your date night. Of course, you can choose the classic reds and pinks, but you can also get creative and you consider interesting black and white outfits but add a bold red or sensual pink […]

Stylish blue blazer - Amazing outfits

You have probably already heard how important it is to have a navy blue blazer in your wardrobe, but do you actually know how to style it to create amazing outfits? If not, these style tips will help you a lot.

Beautiful hair - The simplest homemade hair mask recipes

Why spend money on expensive hair masks that promise miracles, when you can make different hair masks by yourself in a couple of minutes with the same effect? These are the simplest hair masks you can easily make Рenjoy and  watch your hair get healhy, shiny, and full of vitality.

Perfect makeup - The right eyeliner for your eye shape

If you choose your haircut to flatter your face shape, why not do the same with your eyeliner choice? If you haven’t been paying attention to your face shape when applying your eyeliner, you are about to see how important that is.

Simple hairstyles for bad hair days

Bad hair days can be your worst nightmare, unless you know how to create a couple of simple hairstyles that can really save your day. These hairstyles take just a few minutes, basic hair accessories, and some practice.

Casual outfits - How to style a black blazer

Chances are every woman has a black blazer in her closet. It’s perfect for formal and not so formal events, it can be worn with an elegant skirt or a pair of jeans, and there is always a way to wear a black blazer in a new and interesting way.