Get the perfect manicure – every time!

Get the perfect manicure - every time!

If you like to do your nails at home, here are some tricks for the perfect manicure. Doing your nails by yourself doesn’t have to be a challenge, all you need are a few insider tricks from the pros to get a neater and longer-lasting manicure. Although it’s very easy to mess up your manicure, the following tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you to do it flawlessly.

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To help your #nail polish adhere better, wipe your nails with a paper towel dampened with white vinegar before applying it. This will remove any excess oil left from your nail polish remover and prevent bubbles. After that, apply a base coat – it both protects your nails and helps a nail #polish adhere better.


Instead of one thick coat, apply two thin coats of nail polish, allowing the first coat to dry for a minute. If you want your manicure to last longer, you will need a top coat. Apply it over your polish and allow it to set.

When some of your nail polish ends up on the skin around the nails, there is a great tip to help you. To erase mistakes, dip a tiny brush into a nail polish remover and erase all the excess nail polish around your nails. Also, to keep your polish on your nails and off your #skin, apply some Vaseline to your cuticles. After painting your nails, just clean up any leftover Vaseline.

If you are in a hurry, use ice water to dry your nails – just dip them in cold water for 30 seconds. To prevent smudges and set your manicure, you can also use some oil spray and spray your nails with it.


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