Makeup tips for blue, brown and green eyes

With so many makeup tips, it can be difficult to decipher which ones are the best for you. When trying to find out which eye makeup hues are best for you, consider your eye color. Avoid matching your eyeshadow to your eye color because you can end up looking too monochromatic. What you want is […]

Feel free to snooze – a quick morning beauty routine

If you don’t like mornings and you tend do snooze until the last possible minute you need to get up, then you are also probably struggling with your morning beauty routine. However, there are some beauty tricks that will help you look like you’d spent hours in front of your mirror. Take a look at […]

How to choose the right makeup hues according to your hair color

When determining what makeup hues work best on you, consider your hair color. The proper color choices make subtle enhancements that make a big difference in your look. Here are a few tips for women with blond, red and dark hair that work as a guide for the makeup shades that look best on them.  

Makeup-bag essentials

Most women would never leave their home without makeup. If you are one of them, there are some essentials you don’t want to be without. Do you have all the basic items in your makeup bag? If you want to see where you stand or you don’t know what staples you makeup bag actually needs, […]

The 4 makeup brushes you need and how to clean them

With so many types on the market, trying to pick the right makeup brushes can be intimidating. However, for a perfect look, you need to use makeup tools. Since the correct makeup brushes make a big difference in your makeup application, you need to know which ones to add to your collection. If you want […]

Romantic Valentine's Day hair and makeup ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you want to impress your sweetheart, but you still don’t know how to style your hair and how to do your makeup? Whether you are celebrating with your boyfriend or going out with your girlfriends, here is how you can get a soft, approachable look. If you want […]

The 3 most common makeup mistakes and how to avoid them

If you like to express your creativity through makeup, you should first learn the most common makeup mistakes and avoid them. With so many beauty products on the market, it’s equally difficult to find the right ones and easy to apply them  incorrectly. In order to learn how to use makeup properly, you should know […]