Makeup tips for blue, brown and green eyes

With so many makeup tips, it can be difficult to decipher which ones are the best for you. When trying to find out which eye makeup hues are best for you, consider your eye color. Avoid matching your eyeshadow to your eye color because you can end up looking too monochromatic. What you want is […]

How to choose the right makeup hues according to your hair color

When determining what makeup hues work best on you, consider your hair color. The proper color choices make subtle enhancements that make a big difference in your look. Here are a few tips for women with blond, red and dark hair that work as a guide for the makeup shades that look best on them.  

Coconut oil - beauty uses for skin and hair

If there is one single product that can be used for cooking, moisturizing your hair, removing your makeup and hydrating your skin, that is coconut oil. And, unlike many other beauty products on the market, this one is completely natural. If you want to learn more about how you can use coconut oil on your […]

Spring beauty trends you will love

Spring is just around the corner and there are a few gorgeous beauty trends that we are going to start wearing very soon. Here are the trends that are going to be on all our faces, so start practicing right now. From hair to makeup, here are the beauty trends that we are going to be […]

A few tricks to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles

Puffy eyes and dark circles can be really frustrating. There are a few reasons why they appear. Genetics, age and seasonal allergies are the biggest culprits. But, there are ways to reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles. If a full night of sleep isn’t enough, here are a few natural tricks to help you win […]

Eyeliner tips for your eye shape

Eyes are considered to be the most expressive feature on the face so it is not a surprise that the beauty industry is obsessed with getting perfect eyes. Applying the right kind of eye makeup can help you hide any flaws and get beautiful eyes. Your eyeliner choices should be influenced by your eye shape, […]