Protect your skin - Very useful summer skin tips

For many of us, summer is our favorite time of the year. However, summer weather can take its toll on your skin. The blazing sun and high humidity require a different skin care routine. In order to protect your skin, you need to make a few summer skin-care changes. Here, you can read how to […]

Makeup tips - contouring made easy

Contouring has been a beauty secret of the stars for too long but, thanks to countless makeup tutorials, everyone is becoming a bit of a beauty expert these days. Contouring is now becoming part of many girls’ daily makeup routine. Do you want your face to appear less round or your nose to seem smaller? […]

Unbelievable! Baking soda beauty tips

Did you know that you can use baking soda for skin care? Well, you can and should! You don’t have to spend money on different expensive skin care products if you already have this miracle powder in your kitchen. Not only is it a kitchen staple, but also one of the most useful ingredients in the […]

The 3 lipstick shades every woman should have

Every woman needs a few lipstick shades in her arsenal, but which ones to choose? There are lipstick shades that will work for almost every occasion and season and virtually every skin tone. Here are the 3 lipstick shades you need in order to be ready for any makeup look you choose.

Bangs - find a style that matches your face shape

If you are looking for a way to make your hairstyle more interesting and to look instantly younger, bangs are the right solution. But for optimal results, you should match your fringe to your face shape. There is a bang style to suit everyone, but it’s important to find a style that that helps make […]

Skin care - exfoliating tips and homemade scrubs

Exfoliation is an integral part of skincare regimen, but scrubbing can do more harm than good if done incorrectly. If you are suffering from rosacea, a scrub may even aggravate your problem. Moreover, after scrubbing, you should use a pore minimiser, such as an alcohol-free toner or rose water. Here are a few homemade scrubs […]

Homemade masks for pore shrinking

It’s common for oily skin to have a tendency towards open pores, but a face with large pores doesn’t look very good. Open pores are very obstinate and hardly show any signs of shrinking. Besides, age also takes its toll by making the open pores even more prominent. Although it’s not easy to get rid […]