Coconut oil - beauty uses for skin and hair

If there is one single product that can be used for cooking, moisturizing your hair, removing your makeup and hydrating your skin, that is coconut oil. And, unlike many other beauty products on the market, this one is completely natural. If you want to learn more about how you can use coconut oil on your […]

Tasty mangoes - the skin health benefits

Everybody loves mangoes – they are sweet, juicy and tasty. But, besides that, do you know that mangoes offer a number of health benefits? When you buy mangoes, select by their aroma, and not by their color. Their aroma should be full fruity, and there should be no dark spots or splits. How that you […]

Amazing Castile soap uses - from beauty items to cleaning supplies

Castile soap is made from plant oils; it’s not simply a chemical detergent. It is very mild, which means it is sensitive on skin and it is also bio-degradable. You can use this eco-friendly product when you want to make household products by yourself. Castile soap is very versatile and can be used as a […]

Prevent premature aging - wear sunscreen

When it comes to preventing premature aging, the most important thing is wearing sunscreen. Surely, you’ve heard this numerous times before, but not many women actually do it every single day. Some of them think that wearing a sunscreen is unnecessary during winter, while others don’t know how to apply their SPF properly with their […]

Amazing hairstyles for thin hair

If you are not one of those lucky girls who are blessed with luscious thick locks, there are some great hairstyles to make your thin hair appear thicker. If your thin hair tends to be unruly and difficult to work with, consider one of those amazing hairstyles which are perfect for thin hair. After you […]

Less is more - the no-makeup look

Less is more, especially when it comes to the latest makeup trend. You don’t need heavy makeup to look gorgeous and flawless, you can also keep your makeup subtle and still look beautiful. Going light-handed with cosmetics may make you appear even better looking. Here are some tips to play up your natural beauty and […]

What you didn't know about baking soda - natural beauty solution

Non-toxic and extremely effective, baking soda can be used as a natural beauty solution. Uses of baking soda are countless and some of them are unexpected. This inexpensive product can easily become a part of your beauty routine. Enhance your grooming routines with this great product.