Living room ideas - Tips for a successful renovation

When it comes to renovation, your living room needs special attention as it is where you spend time with your friends and family and relax. You need to use space cleverly and create just the right atmosphere, whether you want to renovate just for yourself or want to add some resale value to your apartment.

What are the most common color mistakes and how to avoid them

Choosing the right kind of color or color palette for your home can be really difficult and there are many color mistakes that can happen if you are not experienced enough. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when attempting to use color in your home. So, take a look […]

A monochrome interior - Tips for styling a monochrome living room

If you dream of a sophisticated living room, you should think about the combination of black and white, because such a color palette will help you achieve a classic and timeless look. But, if you are not sure how to style the monochrome look in your living room, here are a few useful tips and […]

White interiors - Tips for decorating with white

If you love clean, elegant interiors, white might be just the right color for you. It is the color of joy and cleanliness that represents purity and it will never go out of fashion. However, this color scheme can appear sterile, and that is why you should incorporate different textures and layers in white. Read […]