How to style a bodycon dress

When you want to make a bold statement of body confidence, wear a bodycon dress! This tight dress showcases your figure, so choosing the right accessories is very important in order to create a stylish outfit. Bodycon dresses are popular as evening wear, but if accessorized correctly, they can be appropriate for daytime, too. In […]

Get creative - How to layer accessories

Never underestimate the importance of accessories for an outfit! However, if you are wearing a simple outfit and want to an some interest to it, you don’t have to wear statement necklaces or bracelets. Instead, learn the art of layering subtle accessories and make sure that your look comes off effortlessly chic. To take any […]

How to wear jeans to work

You like to wear jeans but think they can’t look professional? Well, that’s not true. Although jeans can be a comfortable option for work, it may be a challenge to style them to be office-appropriate. A pair of jeans usually feels more weekend than workweek, but you can wear them and  look appropriate without sacrificing […]

The art of accessorizing

Being #fashionable is not only about putting #clothes together, but also about accessorizing properly. Become a master at styling your #outfits with the perfect jewelry, and you will look amazing each and every time. If you think you don’t know how to accessorize properly, here are a few simple guidelines to boost your accessorizing confidence.

Accessorizing tips – How to accessorize flawlessly

Accessorizing can take any #outfit from plain to extraordinary and learning the rules of accessorizing will help you stand out. It’s a creative process that will help you help you look fabulous whatever you might be wearing. Feel free to experiment with different types of #accessories and you will see how such a simple thing […]