Makeup tricks to subtract years off your face

All you need to subtract a few years off your face are the right #makeup products and the right application. With makeup, the possibilities are infinite – it can accentuate your best features and impart the illusion of youth. And since makeup can help you look more dewy and rosy but it can also make […]

Red lipstick - How to look classy and elegant

Red lipstick is classic and elegant and it will make you look classy and sophisticated. To wear it right, you have to find the right shade for your #skin tone and keep the rest of your #makeup toned down. Red lips are a statement and they are often associated with strong, successful women. Here is […]

Beauty tips - how to take off your makeup properly

If you want your skin to be clear and radiant, the first habit you have to adopt is to take off your #makeup properly. It’s crucial to take off your makeup at night, no matter how tired you might be. Using only a makeup wipe isn’t enough; you need a nice, deep clean. If you […]

Tips to make your makeup last longer

Trying to find out how to make your #makeup last longer? If you want to know how to get through the day with your #makeup intact, use these tips to prolong the wear of your makeup. If you think you need tons of makeup to make it stay on, you are wrong. It’s all about […]

All you need to be stylish - 7 clothing items you should have

You don’t have to have a stuffed closet to be #stylish! Choose smartly and buy the basic, timeless pieces of clothing that you can combine for different occasions. There are some key items that you really need in your closet; they are the basis of your #wardrobe. You wardrobe essentials have to be versatile, classic […]

Is it true that blondes have more fun? Do brunettes ooze intellect ? Whatever might be the answers to these questions, the only sure thing is that with great hair comes great responsibility. Learn how to choose the right makeup for your hair color. What works for brunettes might be completely wrong for blondes, and […]