Get inspired - Amazing modern bedroom designs

You have just shifted to your new home or you plan a makeover, and you need some ideas to make your bedroom comfortable and stunning? You know you want a modern bedroom, but you don’t know how to achieve that? Here are a few fresh and interesting ideas that will help you find inspiration for […]

Lip gloss or lipstick - What is a better choice?

While many women who like to wear makeup prefer one or the other, there are also certain differences between lip gloss and lipstick that make them perfect for certain situations. For example, lipstick is more polished and therefore more suitable for dressier occasions, while lip gloss is quick and easy and makes your makeup look […]

Nude makeup - Get the most out of your nude eyeshadow palette

Many makeup artists adore nude shadow palettes, and so will you, as soon as you try such eye makeup. What is great about it is that it accentuates the natural shape and color of your eyes. After a while, you will stop being intimidated by it and start enjoying the versatility of such a palette. […]

What are the teas that offer the most health benefits?

One of the most consumed beverages, just right after water, is tea, and for a good reason – different types of teas are proved to provide numerous health benefits. But, among so many kinds, how can you know which ones provide the most health benefits? Here is where you can learn that.

How to apply blush according to your face shape

In order to apply blush so that it flatters you, you need to do it according to your face shape. Blush adds color, but it is also a great tool for contouring and defining your cheekbones, so you need to determine your face shape first, and then learn how to apply your blush properly. Here […]

You've got dry hair? Here is what causes it

If you’ve got dry hair, you know how unhealthy it can look and how hard it can be to style it. In order to deal with the problem of dry hair, you need to know what causes it. If you want to have a good hair day every day, read and learn what are the […]

How to sleep better - Plants to keep in your bedroom

House plants add color and life to your home, but they are also excellent air filters. Moreover, there are plants that can help you get better sleep, and that is why you should keep them in your bedroom. Read which are the plants that can improve the quality of your sleep.