Simple tricks to keep your house sparkling clean

The battle to keep the house spotless and free of any unclean agents can be really exhausting. Luckily, there are a couple of simple tricks that will help you do that and save your time and energy at the same time. Take a look and learn how to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently.

How to wear a white blazer this fall

A blazer is a staple is every woman’s wardrobe, and a white blazer is particularly interesting, elegant and easy to style. Regardless of the season, a white blazer can easily update your look and it allows you to create a number of different outfits. Take a look how to do that!

Velvet - A perfect fabric for fall

One of the easiest ways to achieve that elegant and graceful look almost all women adore is to wear velvet. This luxurious fabric looks very stylish, it can easily elevate your wardrobe and it can also keep you warm during those chilly fall days. From dresses to heels, take a look at how you can […]

Maroon pants - What to wear with them

If you feel that it’s time to wear something else than plain black pants and jeans, consider maroon pants. And although such pants might seem difficult to style, this color is actually really versatile and a great choice for every season. Here is how you can style them!

Mix and match - Amazing clothing color combinations

If you are not sure how to create the right clothing color combinations, your wardrobe probably consists merely of black items. If you want to learn how to change that and create perfect color combinations when it comes to your wardrobe, take a look.

Treat your hair properly - How to care for permed hair

A perm is an excellent way to get amazing curls and turn your straight hair into something more interesting and fun. But, this process involves strong chemicals that can damage your hair and make your curls really unsightly. That is why you need how to treat your permed hair properly and enjoy your curls.

Fashion - How to dress for a casual party

When you are preparing for a casual party, remember that your outfit should be not only appropriate, but also fun and interesting. You need to choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in but you also need to keep in mind the time and place of the party – that is a big part in […]