Fall fashion - Types of shoes you will need this fall

Since rainy and cold days are ahead of us, it’s time to put away those ballet flats and sandals you’ve been wearing and prepare for fall. If you are wondering what are the types of shoes you will need this fall, take a look and prepare for whatever the occasion.

How to become a makeup expert - Highlighting and contouring

Highlighting and contouring are two very useful makeup tricks that will help you look your best every time. However, that is exactly why many women think it must be too complicated to learn and use on a daily basis. Here is a how to master these amazing two makeup steps you will adore!

Makeup tips - Mistakes you are probably making with your mascara

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How to get flawless eyelashes - Tips that will really help you

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Beauty tips - How to make your nail polish dry really fast

Have you ever painted your nails and then realized they won’t dry as soon as you need them dry? Chances are this has happened to you too many times! The following helpful tips will help you when you don’t have enough time or patience to wait until are completely dry and you will never again […]

Prepare your apartment for fall - Really useful organization tips

Summer is almost over, which means that your closet, as well as your apartment, need to be reorganized so that they suit your needs and help your get ready quickly when you are heading out and enjoy chilly nights if you are staying at home. These really useful but simple organization tips will help you […]