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If you want your eyes to stand out, eyeliner is a perfect solution. However, getting it just right and keeping it in place is not always that easy. Luckily, there are a few great tips that will help you keep your eyeliner looking amazing all day long. Take a look! cat-eye-makeup-look You probably know how important it is to apply a #primer before you apply your #eyeshadow, since it prevents your eye color from collecting in the creases. However, it also works for amazing for ensuring that your #eyeliner stays in place, just make sure to apply it all over your lids.

Although it might seem more natural to start applying your #eyeliner at the inner corner and work your way to your outer corner, you should be doing it in the opposite direction. This will help you both get the application right and keep it where you want it. 194344 A liquid #eyeliner might be easier to manage, but it is also more prone to melting and smudging. Moreover, you should find a waterproof eyeliner and you won't have to worry that it will wash away if your eyes start watering or when you sweat. el2