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One of the most important makeup items is, of course, mascara! Even those women who don't wear too much makeup, rely on mascara to make them look interesting and help them draw attention to their eyes. However, if you have a problem with applying your mascara, take a look at a couple of really useful tips that will help you get flawless eyelashes every time. 9 If you often have a problem with clumps, try wiping off excess #mascara to prevent that. Clumpy lashes often happen during the first few uses because there is a lot of the product that stays on the wand.

If you want to make your eyelashes stay curled longer, wiggle the wand back and forth a couple of times at the base of your lashes before you proceed to the tips. This way you actually apply more of the product at the base and less towards the tips of your eyelashes which makes them stay curled. On the other hand, the same amount of #mascara on the complete eyelashes weighs down the tips and makes them straighten out. 5 If you apply a regular #mascara and then apply a coat of waterproof #mascara, it will stay on your lashes longer and you will be able to remove it easily. A waterproof #mascara will keep you lashes curled and it stays in place for a long time, but it is a bit difficult to remove - a problem that can be easily addressed by applying a regular #mascara first. 7 Women with thick or light-colored eyelashes usually want to make them look thicker and richer. The easiest way to to that is to apply a coat of #mascara on both sides of the lashes. Also, if you want to plump them up, apply a small amount of baby powder between the coats. 8