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If you have ever decorated a room on your own, you know how frustrating it can be to realize that it just doesn't feel right, but you can't really see why. You know that it's missing something, you just can't see what. Here are the things you can try if your room isn't coming together. r3 First, think about your original idea, your inspiration. If you still have it in your mind but you added a few pieces that were not present in the original inspiration, they might be ruining the harmony you were trying to achieve.

In order to see the room's real potential, take something significant out of the picture. Then, you might be able to see what you have been doing wrong and what can be done in order to achieve the desired balance. r1 If there is a corner or a small part of the #room that you like, focus on it. Think about what you like about it and spread the idea around the room. Is that the color palette, the patterns or specific textures? Try to figure out what it is that you like that much and maximize the concept. r2 Finally, you can even take a few pictures of the room and look at them as if you were turning over the pages a magazine. Disregard the fact that it is your own home and try to think what would you add or take out if that was your friend's room. r4