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If you are planning to repaint your apartment soon, you should know that colors affect your mood and your thoughts. Here are some general guidelines you could take into consideration when choosing paint color, but keep in mind that color choice is a very personal matter, and you should choose the one that suits you, your taste and style.
  1. Red
Red elevates the energy level in the room and is therefore a great solution for your living room or dining room, since it will inspire your guests to start a conversation. It is a great wall paint for lobbies since it leaves a strong first  impression, but not so much for bedrooms or any other rooms you use for relaxation. 1 Modern-Red-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-with-Flat-TV-on-Wall
  1. Yellow
Yellow should be used for smaller surfaces or as an accent color because, although this color is considered to be the color of optimism and good cheer, a strong yellow irritates the eyes and can cause frustration and rage.

Although some people and studies don't recommend yellow paint color for bedrooms, it is appropriate for living rooms since it provokes happy feelings and it is considered to enhance intelligence and mental agility. modest-idea-yellow-room colors-living-room-decorating-wall
  1. Blue
It is considered  calming, relaxing and serene, which makes it perfect for bedrooms. Avoid this color in your living room or kitchen or any other room where you plan to be more active, because the calming effect can slow you down. Light blue brings ease and harmony into the home and it calms aggressive tendencies. images (1) images
  1. Green
Green is the color of nature and helps your eyes rest. It is freshening and calming and relives stress by helping people relax. When used in a kitchen, it calms things down, while in a family room it promotes comfort and togetherness. download tropical_style_green_kitchen_cabinet
  1. Purple
Being the combination of red and blue, red establishes the ideal balance between higher consciousness and calmness. While dark purple is dramatic and sophisticated, which is why it is used as an accent or secondary color, lighter shades bring the restful quality, which make  them perfect for bedrooms. 6918325_f520 Exotic-Paint-Colors-with-Purple-White-Combining-for-Bedroom
  1. Orange
Orange, being an energetic color, evokes excitement and enthusiasm. It expands your thinking and helps heal depression. Being the color of laughter and celebration, it is a good solution for children's rooms. It will allow them to express themselves with confidence and help them wake up in the morning. download (2) Fotos do Hotel Yacamin Foto Paulo Vitale2 009
  1. Neutrals
Neutrals like black or white help give your living space some depth. Black signifies power and elegance, while white represents purity. Brown is the color of the earth and living wood and creates a feeling of coolness and warmth at the same time. The color brown is perfect for living rooms because it is thought to stimulate conversation. Timeless and classic, this color evokes the feeling of wholesomeness and stability and offers a sense of orderliness. Black-Grey-and-White-are-Perfect-Mix-for-Modern-Master-Bedroom-Ideas elegance-plan-for-fresh-neutral-paint-colors-for-master-bedroom-design-with-sofa natural-sunny-bedroom-design-in-neutral-paint-colors-with-ordinary-concept