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If you do your best to avoid heat styling whenever possible, then you must be always looking for new, interesting ways to style your hair without the help of a hairdryer or a flat iron. Now you can relax and give your hair a break because there are many easy heatless hairstyles that will help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Wavy-Lob-for-Curly-Hair Whether your #hair is curly or #hair, you can make use of a frizzy crimped #hairstyle. All you need to do is wash your #hair an hour or two before going to bed, let it air dry and then braid it into a couple of tight #braids. Undo them in the morning and style your #hair as you wish.

Shiny and #polished waves are actually very easy to achieve without a curling iron. Wash you hair, detangle it and wait until it is lightly damp. Then, twist your #hair and make a messy bun using a #hair tie. Wait until your #hair is completely dry, take off the tie and style it. ff7095ee-bbf5-4790-b0b2-63e17a203b9d Natural loose curls require no heat and can be easily achieved. Your #hair needs to be clean and dry and then you need to wet the bottom half of the length. Apply a small amount of styling mousse and put your #hair up in a rolled bun. After a few hours, your #hair will be dry and formed and then you can enjoy your loose curls. 5-by-tec-petaja-645x967 Twisty hair is another amazing #hairstyle that requires no heat. In order to get wild #hair overnight, take tiny sections of your #hair and twist each of them until they start to coil around the base. Secure all the sections with bobby pins or silicone bands and let them loose after a few hours. aeb92796bd5bac549611bf6a6d71fd2a