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Even women who don't wear makeup every day love to make their eyes pop, as glamorous eyes make every woman look instantly stylish and put together. Moreover, that is a perfect way to go from day to night in just a few minutes. If you are looking for tips make your eyes pop, scroll down. 99603 If you can't apply your soft #eyeliner pencil very precisely, try drawing a thick line on your hand and then apply it to your eye with a stiff eye brush. To make your eyes look bright and wide open, use a bright #eyeliner and line your lower lash line.

If you apply a shimmery champagne color to the inner corner of your eyes, they will look much brighter, and so will your whole face. If you tend to use a black or brown #eyeliner most of the time, try swapping them for a brightly colored one to make your eyes look wide awake. b6afb7bfaa7267a038ee67824cefd674 While a smoky eye that is too dark might be intimidating for some women, jewel tones look much lighter and make your face look more gentle. You can even use a bit darker shades of nude and brown for a smokey eye that is very subtle and works on everyone. ffu4n0y