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When you meet someone, you often notice physical characteristics such as the color of their eyes, their height etc. But, do you pay attention to the shape of their nails? In Asia, a personality diagnosis trend says that the shape of your nails reveals characteristic traits about you. So, next time you interact with someone, take a look at their nails and learn all about their personality. bigstock-care-for-sensuality-woman-hand-17620229 People with vertically long #nails are mild-tempered romanticists. They are very imaginative and their right brain is more well-developed. These people are creative, but they are not cautious enough.

People with broad sideways are short-tempered theorists. They are very eloquent and they clearly verbalize what they think. They are really straightforward, but they are impatient and short-tempered, so they should practice a little self-restraint. преузимање A person with a rounded nail shape is a laid-back pacifist. Such a person is very sociable and a mediator in every argument and has a very bright personality. images People with squarish nail shape are serious and hard-headed. Many men happen to be this type. Although the serious attitude is a good thing, their inflexibility and hard-headedness might get them into problems. преузимање (1) Those who have a triangular nail shape are providers of new ideas and they notice every minute detail in things that other people miss. People of the inverted triangular type can be pushy, while people with upright triangular nail shape tend to be overly sensitive. nail-shape-personality-test-triangle Almond-shaped nails can tell you that the person is faithful, honest and sincere. They also have a vivid imagination. Although they are courteous and polite, they have low-tolerance. That is why they can become short-tempered when they can’t accept something. nail-shape-personality-test-almond-shaped A person with sword-shaped nails is someone who works very hard in order to achieve the goals. Even if they dislike something, they will do it if that is something that will help them advance. On the other hand, they are lacking in the cooperative department. Also, they feel impatient when dealing with people who are too relaxed. sword-shaped-nail