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Eyes are considered to be the most expressive feature on the face so it is not a surprise that the beauty industry is obsessed with getting perfect eyes. Applying the right kind of eye makeup can help you hide any flaws and get beautiful eyes. Your eyeliner choices should be influenced by your eye shape, so take a look at a couple of tips to help you do that properly. In order to apply your eyeliner correctly, you have to determine your natural eye shape first – this will help you understand which area needs to be emphasized or corrected. images If your #eyes are close set, you want to create the illusion that they are further apart than they actually are, so you should apply the #eyeliner towards the outer part of your eye. Instead of extending the line up to the tear duct area, extend it outward, past the lash line. images (1) If you have deep set eyes, make sure that you apply a fine line. A thick line will make your eyes sink even deeper. Apply a thin line along the lashline, and lift it up as you approach the outer corner of your eye. Deep set eyes create the illusion of a prominent brow bone, so fine lines and light eye shadow will work best for you. close-set-collage Protruding eyes can give you a frightened or surprised look. In order to diminish the illusion of bulging eyelids, apply thick eyeliner on the upper lash line. Extend the line beyond the outer corner of the eye and make it a lot wider on the far outer half. As for the inner corner, instead of following the natural line, go a little bit higher.

When it comes to hooded eyes, the eye lid almost vanishes because of an extra layer of skin. With hooded eyes, get the line right into the base of your lashline. Line your upper inner eye rims to make your eyelashes look thicker and make sure that the eyeliner doesn’t get transferred to your eyelids when you open your eyes. 730e663152a5f52722aa08d7ef8aaf95 If your eyes are wide set, what you need to do is to apply your eyeliner in such a way that will bring the focus inwards. Line the lash line all around – start from the tear duct region and extend outward, just make sure to stop at the last lash.