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Is your hair dry, dull and lifeless? Don’t worry, with some time and effort you can bring it back to life. There are a few easy and inexpensive at home tricks that will condition your brittle locks. Dry hair can result from external or internal factors. External factors, such as shampooing too often and using a harsh shampoo, are easy to remedy. You just need to treat your hair more carefully or switch products. Take a look at a few more tricks that will help you get healthy, gorgeous hair. Manage-curly-dry-hair-with-these-home-remedies-and-tips If you have #dry #hair, you should know that it is also very fragile, so you need to handle it gently when you wash it and dry it.

  Also, you should stop shampooing your hair every day because you want to give the natural oils produced by your scalp a chance to #nourish your hair. Let your hair air dry from time to time and comb instead of brushing. hair_wash In order to get #healthy hair, you need to use hair #masks. A #homemade avocado hair mask is great for damaged hair. Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, and all you need to do is mash a ripe avocado with an egg and apply this mixture to wet hair. In order to put moisture back into your hair, you can warm up ½ cup of olive oil and rub it into your hair. Let it do its magic and shampoo your hair after 45 minutes. After your regular shampoo, rinse your hair with a quart of unsweetened tea to give it a natural shine. Hair-oil-treatment