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With the arrival of cold winter months, there are many skin problems that can ruin your beauty. One such problem is cracked and dry lips. While you bundle up in extra layers and protect your hands and hair, your lips are still exposed. The cold and dry winter air can easily take toll on them. But there are some simple yet effective ways to nourish your lips and keep them healthy and soft. Take a look at this tips and learn how to make your lips moist and silky in winter. преузимање (1) The most important thing is that you drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated. That way you keep your lips hydrated from the inside out. Include herbal teas and green juice in your diet. Also, you should eat fruits and vegetables, which are also full of water.

It might seem silly, but choose a lipbalm with SPF. SPF is important in the winter months, although the sun is rare. Find the best product that provides nourishment and helps your lips stay moist as long as possible. Always carry your lipbalm with you and apply it whenever you feel that your lips are beginning to dry. images Exfoliating is as important for your lips as it is for your face. But, lips are more sensitive than the rest of your face, and exfoliating them with a face product will harm them rather than improve them. The best option to remove dead skin from your lips is to brush them with a soft brush. You can also use the mixture of sugar and olive oil for this. images (1) If you like lipsticks and use them regularly, make sure that they have moisture ingredients and always remove the lipstick before going to bed.