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Whether short or tall, many women dream of having even longer legs. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to make that dream come true and it's all about illusion. Take a look at a couple of amazing tricks that will help you make the most of your build and fake long legs. a0c35c70ccc00fa2c507114230d31024sexy-tan-black-heels11 A very simple but amazing trick that will help you create the illusion of longer legs is to wear nude #shoes - find a pair that matches your #skin tone exactly and it will extend your legs visually. Moreover, you should avoid round-toe shoes because they have a shortening effect and choose pointed pumps instead.

You can also match your #shoes to your pants or tights to create an interrupted visual line. This monochromatic #look is even better if you wear longer hems. Straight pants make your legs look longer and slender, and so do knee-length dresses and skirts. Opt for pants with minimal detailing to get a long line and high-waisted pants, skirts and dresses. 91ab5c33ec7e1e2847735c644292dfbb A well-known trick for creating the illusion of slim and long legs is wearing black or dark shade pants, and if you want to wear shorts or a skirt, choose a color that blends with your #skin tone to create an unbroken vertical line. 943347654616139637c781d86a41fca9image1xl