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Since there is a significant drop in temperatures in the following weeks, we all need to prepare for fall weather, and the best way to do that is by learning a few useful things about layering. Find out how to look amazing this fall. Winter-layers In order to have a lot of possibilities, stock up on basics. Having enough simple t-shirts, basic button-up shirts, and #accessories such as scarves and statements necklaces will allow you to create a simple yet trendy #outfit every time.

When it comes to color, try to keep your fall #clothes simple in color in order to make your wardrobe much more versatile. Then, you can easily make a simple #outfit stand out by adding bold #accessories. fall3 For a well balanced layered look, remember to mix proportions. That means that you need to combine short with long or fitted with loose. Think in opposites: wear a short sweater over a long t-shirt, or a loose cardigan over a fitted shirt. gray-tank-top For an amazing layered #outfit every time, follow these simple steps: start with a simple t-shirt in neutral color, add a cardigan or a sweater, which can also be in a neutral color or you can choose one in a bold color in case you don't want to finish your #look with statement #accessories, add a simple coat or jacket and finish your #look with a scarf or any other accessory piece you like. images