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Most women think that beautiful nails are an integral part of an elegant look. But, if you want to keep your nails healthy, there are a few very important tips you need to know. To make sure that your nails get and remain healthy and beautiful, you need to  eat a well-balanced diet and adopt a great nail care routine. index #Nail shapes are changing very often, but you need to find the shape that looks best on you and improves the #look of your nails. Also, avoid sawing your nails back and forth, because that can weaken them, and remember to file towards the center of the nail.

When it comes to eating a #healthy diet, it is as important for you vital organs as well as for your #hair and nails. Moreover, for strong #nails it is very important to eat plenty of protein. Nails are actually made out of protein, so try eating more fish, spinach, lentils, chicken. To strengthen your nails, consider taking a biotin supplement. Gelish-French-Manicure Even if you have short #nails, getting a weekly manicure is very important. Whether you #polish your nails at home or at a salon, if your nails are well groomed, any shade will look better. After a salon manicure, your nails will be the same shape and size and look pretty. beautiful-well-groomed-nails-its-easy Although it may not seem relevant, try not to peel off your old #nail #polish, because this may lead to nail bed damage. Also, if you want your polish to last longer, avoid using too much lacquer. Instead, apply thin coats, let your polish dry between each layer and never skip on your base or top coat. nail-care