Great ways to wear your ripped jeans in winter

Great ways to wear your ripped jeans in winter

You don’t have to forget about your favorite ripped jeans just because it’s cold outside! Make them seasonally acceptable with #layers, #coats and warm #boots. If you don’t know how to wear your ripped jeans this #winter, here are a few ideas how to style them. Get inspired for your next ripped jeans outfit!

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To make your ripped jeans #winter-appropriate, pair them with warm boots, thick sweaters and cozy coats. Ripped jeans go great with sports coats and warm sweaters. For a casual but stylish look, consider pairing modern #boots with ripped jeans. For a subtly seductive but comfortable #outfit, wear your ripped jeans with a white t-shirt, a great jacket and pointy pumps or flats.

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For a bit more elegant look, wear your ripped jeans with high heels. This unusual combination is very interesting and modern; casual but seductive at the same time.

To elevate your ripped jeans outfit, add a basic blazer and a set of pointed pumps for a chic and stylish outfit. Contrast feminine, flirty high heels with ripped jeans for an edgy and stylish #outfit.

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