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If your skin doesn't look very good, make sure that you are removing your makeup correctly. If you want to get and keep beautiful skin, you need to cleanse properly, and every good skin care routine starts with taking all of your makeup off before going to bed. Take a look and learn how to do it properly. How-to-Remove-Makeup1 Even if you feel really tired, you need to wash your face after using a #makeup wipe, because using a #makeup wipe alone is not enough. So, make sure to wash your face with a good formula to remove any dirt and every bit of #makeup left behind.

If you are using only one #makeup wipe for removing all of your #makeup, you are making a big mistake. That way you can easily transfer your #makeup from one place to another and even clog your pores, and you won't be able to take all of your #makeup off, so your face will not actually be clean. images2 In order to clean your face properly, you need to use the right cleanser for the #makeup you are wearing. For example, if you need to remove only a tinted #moisturizer or a #concealer, all you need is cleansing water. But, if you wear a #foundation, a #mascara, and a #lipstick, you will have to use a stronger formula, such as an oil cleanser. eye-makeup-remover-200x300 Your cleanser has to be slightly acidic and keep your skin's acid mantle intact, which means that it has to have the right pH levels, somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5. What you want is to remove all of your #makeup, but keep your skin's protective layer healthy so that your #skin stays protected from the outer elements. That is why it s very important to keep your skin's pH levels neutral. best-ways-to-remove-makeup What about you - are you removing your makeup correctly every evening?