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House plants add color and life to your home, but they are also excellent air filters. Moreover, there are plants that can help you get better sleep, and that is why you should keep them in your bedroom. Read which are the plants that can improve the quality of your sleep. 3bde4528bfa29189305e29970e45946e Jasmin is proven to be a natural sleeping aid - it improves the quality of your sleep and reduces anxiety. Jasminum Polyanthum does not always blossom, but it smells incredible and is very easy to take care of it.

Lavender is a well known plant and many people are familiar with its numerous benefits. Not only is it a great cleaning agent, but it can also help treat anxiety and insomnia due to its scent which has sedating effects. It is a great choice for your #bedroom! e79d67821577ba99b9aef1f4d39b8632 One of the greatest #natural healers is aloe vera. It can soothe scars and inflammation, detoxify the body and purify the air, which makes it a perfect solution for your #bedroom - clean air is the key to a relaxing night of sleep. index