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Although moving in with your partner is fun and exciting, it can also be frustrating when you realize that your interior design styles don’t really match. Naturally, couples won’t always agree on every interior design decision, so, needless to say, compromise is the key. Even if both of you have different ideas of what your mutual living space should look like, a happy balance can be achieved. Here are a few tips for decorating your home together. преузимање (1) преузимање (2) Before you go shopping, share your thoughts. This will help you understand what you like and don’t like; what you could tolerate and what you couldn’t stand. Maintain a balance and make sure that your shared space conveys your individual tastes in #interior #design. Both of you should be comfortable in your new space, so if you realize that the #decor is starting to go in one of the two directions, bring it back to center.

You need to respect your individual tastes and accept that your partner identifies with a different style. For example, if you and your partner had different color schemes in your previous homes, unite them. Look for decorative accents in colors that will complement both schemes in order to bring together your different color schemes. преузимање images When it comes to minor decorative pieces, purchase them together and try to stick with basics. If you’ve successfully decorated the whole #appartment, buying decorative elements should not be a problem, but it is a very good idea to choose timeless shapes and materials. images (2) images (1)