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Trying to find something stylish to dress in the morning is difficult enough, but hot-weather dressing is an ever bigger challenge. Realizing that as soon as you step outside most of your effort will be destroyed might keep you away from even trying to look your best. However, it's all about thinking strategically and choosing the clothing items and materials that ensure as much breeziness as possible.

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To keep your feet from sweating, choose flat, open-toed and sturdy #shoes. Also, when you buy summer shoes, keep in mind to get the ones that are a half-size larger than you normally need.

Despite the high summer temperatures, #accessories and both desirable and necessary. Wearing a hat will protect you from UV rays and therefore keep you cooler, and when it comes to bags, choose the ones that don't touch your #skin. A crossbody with a thin strap is a better solution than a big shoulder bag that sticks to your skin.

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Instead of tight #clothes, choose the items that are a bit wider – that way air will be able to circulate a lot better. When it comes to materials, seek out the ones like cotton since the fibers are hollow in the center, which allows them to absorb perspiration and release it. Another great summer material is linen, which is an excellent conductor of heat and one of the most breathable materials out there.

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