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Forming healthy habits is not as easy as it sounds - you can have the best intentions, but yet see little progress. People interested in healthy lifestyle already know everything there is to know about it, they know how to eat well and what habits they need to adopt. However, many of them have a problem with making their healthy habits stick. Here are 4 key strategies that can increase your chances of success. iStock_000013881976XSmall In order to stick to your new #lifestyle, you need to set goals, but smart and realistic ones. If you need to lose weight, think about how much you want to lose that week. Moreover, you should focus on behaviors rather than physiological targets. For example, making a decision to eat more fruits is a better solution that thinking about targets such as lowering your cholesterol, because the former gives you the sense of control.

You need to make your #health a priority. However, that doesn't mean that you need to adopt the "all or nothing" mentality. You don't need to give up every single thing that is considered to be unhealthy. Instead, take small steps each day and eventually eating #healthy will become a habit and not an obligation. 54eb64c8b679e_-_make-healthy-habits-stick-mdn To start living a healthy lifestyle, you need to know how you want to feel in your own skin and find your motivation. Whenever you want to eat something unhealthy, take a few moments to think about what are you going to think about yourself and how are you going to feel after that. You shouldn't be drastic either, but you need to believe in yourself and convince yourself that you can and will take all the steps necessary to reach your goals. Resisting a temptation will motivate you to stick to your healthy habits. download Eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating the foods you don't like. In order to stick to your new eating regimen, find the foods that are healthy and that you love.  Take time to pack your lunch for work and look for the healthy choices when you eat out. Don't allow yourself to starve and try eating a small healthy meal before you go out - that way you will be less likely to eat a large amount of unhealthy food. images