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No matter how much you want to get a tan, the most important thing is to keep your skin protected. If you plan to be outside for a long time, you have to protect your skin properly, because every sunburn can lead to serious health problems. Here is how to avoid getting a sunburn. Myrtle_Beach_Sun_Tips_500_500_90_c1 If you are really pale or if you don't expose yourself to sun too often, wear a really high SPF. 15 SPF will not be enough for you, but 50 is a better choice. The best way to protect yourself from a sunburn is to apply it half an hour before you step outside and reapply it every 2 hours.

Also, avoid stepping outside between 10AM and 4PM, which is typically the hottest part of the day. Another great way to protect yourself from getting a sunburn is wearing long sleeves, just stay away from wearing black. a2329edf6e3008fa208db31c34cb934f If you want to get a tan, you should gradually increase your sun exposure time. Start with only a few minutes a day, and when your #skin gets a little bit darker, you can stay out a bit longer. Spending an entire day in the sun will do you no good. applying-sunscreen-at-beach