Nail art - Find your favorite design

Nails are, besides hair and makeup, another great way to express yourself, so feel free to get creative with nail art and show your personality. If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look.

Beauty tips - How to make your nail polish dry really fast

Have you ever painted your nails and then realized they won’t dry as soon as you need them dry? Chances are this has happened to you too many times! The following helpful tips will help you when you don’t have enough time or patience to wait until are completely dry and you will never again […]

Chipped nail polish? Here is how to hide it!

Whatever you do, you can’t escape a few chipped nails only a day or two after your manicure appointment? Luckily, there are a few simple ways to hide your chipped nail polish, whether you prefer to do your manicure at home or in a beauty salon. Take a look!

Keep your nails healthy and beautiful!

Most women think that beautiful nails are an integral part of an elegant look. But, if you want to keep your nails healthy, there are a few very important tips you need to know. To make sure that your nails get and remain healthy and beautiful, you need to  eat a well-balanced diet and adopt […]

Are you trying to make your nails grow faster? Here is how to do that

If your nails are damaged, then you surely want them to grow as fast as possible so that you can see again that hard surfaces you love to polish. Growing and maintaining beautiful nails is very difficult because they are not actually alive. And, when you end up with your fiinger nails damaged after acrylics […]

Beauty tips: How to grow your hair fast

Growing your hair really fast is never too easy, especially if you’ve made a mistake and asked you hair stylist for bangs or a certain haircut that turned out to be the wrong choice for you. Whatever the reason, the process of waiting for your hair to grow can be really tedious. And, although you […]

Beauty tricks every girl should know

Would you like to look even more fabulous than you already do but spend less time on your beauty routine? You can easily retain your same look and save time if you use some of these beauty tricks.