Winter style - Style tips for cold weather

Don’t let the cold weather ruin your style! Even if it seems that it’s much easier to look stylish and put together during spring and summer, with the help of the following simple tips you will look equally amazing from head to toe even during winter!

Make ripped jeans by yourself - 5 easy steps

Ripped jeans are more popular than ever! But, buying the distressed style can be really expensive. Luckily, you can make ripped jeans by yourself in just a couple of simple steps. Here is how you can do that and have real control over the rips!

Maternity clothes - How to look for maternity clothing essentials

If you are expecting, then you are probably very excited about shopping for maternity clothes. However, such a shopping might be intimidating, especially if you don’t want to spend too much money on temporary clothes or you have no experience. Whatever might be the reason, you need to start with the essentials, such as jumpsuits […]

Be fashionable - Chic ways to wear a denim shirt

A denim shirt is a staple in every woman’s closet, regardless of the season. In summer, a denim shirt looks great with a pencil skirt, in fall it looks interesting with a pair of dark jeans, and in winter you can wear such a shirt with a thick cardigan. If you are looking for new […]

Straight hairstyle - Avoid damaging your hair with a flat iron

If you have curly hair, then you know how much you actually need a flat iron when it comes to styling, especially in winter. Whether you like to wear your hair straight or you use your flat iron on your bangs only in order to make your hairstyle look more polished, you need to do […]

Autumn fashion - Find the right coat for you

As colder days approach, it becomes very important for every woman to have a few stylish jackets and coats, as autumn and winter are the seasons when our style is actually dictated by our outwear. If you want to combat the crisp autumn air and still look classy and put together, take a look at […]

Amazing! Simple ways to hide your roots

Whether because you are too busy or you want to grow your hair out, you might have to skip a few hair salon appointments from time to time. Consequently, your roots will eventually start to show and that is when you will need to use a few tricks to hide them. Here are a few […]