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If you care a lot about your skin, chances are you have a very intricate skin care routine. But, although you do your best to keep your skin glowing and fresh, you might be actually damaging it without even realizing it. If you want to learn whether you are washing your face properly or completely wrong, take a look at the following most common ways women are ruining their skin. 1 Washing your face too often can do more harm than good. It is important to wash your #skin twice a day, every morning and evening, but more than that can actually make your #skin look dull and show more wrinkles. This happens because every time you use water and cleansers, your skin's natural oils are stripped, so frequent washings can seriously damage it.

When it comes to cleansers, make sure that you are using the type that is appropriate for your #skin and that can fulfil your skin's special needs. For example, if your #skin is sensitive, look for a #cleanser that is gentle and no-foaming. Moreover, you should avoid spending too much time washing and scrubbing. 2 If you want to keep your #skin youthful and #healthy, you need to take all of your #makeup every night, before washing your face. Many women use facial wipes for this, but you need to remember that they contain many chemicals and other ingredients that should not stay on your #skin for too long, so you need to wash your face every time you use makeup removal wipes. 3