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For many women, mascara is one of the most important items in their makeup bag. If you are one of them and you like to accentuate your eyelashes, then you are probably also using an eyelash curler. But, are you sure that you are using it correctly? Check out the following most common mistakes and learn how to avoid them. EyelashCurler If you are using your eyelash curler after #mascara, you are making the most common mistakes. That will both make your eyelash curler greasy and damage your lashes. That happens because your lashes are less flexible when the #mascara dries and curling them in such a state leads to breakage.

You need to clean your eyelash curler regularly even if you are using it before #mascara and it doesn't look like it needs to be cleaned. Bacteria and dead #skin cells can end up on it, so once a week use some rubbing alcohol and wipe it down. 34 You should also stop clamping down too hard if you want to have long and beautiful lashes. Pressing down too hard can make your eyelashes look unnatural and lead to breakage. Invest in a quality lash curler and you won't need to put too much pressure when curling. Eyelash-curler-review-184427_L Are you making any of these mistakes?