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Every woman should have a nice little black dress! The little black dress transcends trends and time and there are many different ways to style it. The right little black dress accentuates your figure while giving you an air of elegance. Not only is it timeless and classic, but it’s also very practical to use – you can combine it for a day or night outfit. 46d96c82e143cd635bc0e3ff2d75cc97  36c65b2bb7e2c67728b06d96d0be2b89 Black is a very strong color, and if you want to break up the monotony of it, you can do that in different ways. Adorn your favorite little black dress and break the monochrome with sparkling jewelry or colored shoes. little-black-dress-outfit-going-out-party-dinner f9cecc0beaae65e1b9f7ff9893b76a28 46d96c82e143cd635bc0e3ff2d75cc9753f45095028405973dff8bf43c3ff644 Or, you can choose some neutral shoes and use big statement necklace or bracelet to break up the monotony of black.

However, if you like timeless elegance, monochrome is the right choice for you. Pair your little black dress with black shoes and create a classic outfit that is appropriate for all kinds of formal and semi-formal events. 74fd516d4649d892148468e820823bfa 11cf35212db715573859adbe7aefafb8 Although little black dresses are not usually appropriate for daytime, an appropriate little black dress with the right shoes and accessories can look very professional and interesting. You can wear your dress with some nice boots, a denim jacket or a hat and this casual yet elegant outfit would be more than appropriate for daytime. LBD-Outfit-5 Cocktails-Crew