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Is your hair greasy and you need to wash it every day to make it look decent? Well, realising why your hair gets greasy so fast is much more important than washing it too often and thus aggravating the problem. So, take a look at some of the most common causes of greasy hair. 5 Do you touch your #hair too often? Whether consciously or not, touching your hair makes the oils from your fingertips transfer to your strands, which leads to greasy hair much sooner than you would expect.

Over-washing and over-conditioning your #hair also lead to greasy #hair. When you wash your #hair too often, you strip your scalp of its natural oils so it produces more in order to replace them, and that is why you should try shampooing at least every other day. Your conditioner might not be suitable for your #hair or you might be using too much of it, both of which lead to greasy #hair. Pay attention to these grease-giving reasons. 6 You should also avoid brushing your hair too often if you don't want it to look greasy too soon after you've washed it. Also, the brush you are using should be clean, as a clogged brush that is full of dust and product build-up makes your clean #hair look greasy very fast. 7