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In order to enjoy your curves and dress your body the best way possible, you might need a few great fashion tips. However, with so many tips out there, it can be difficult to figure out which ones to focus on. To make defining your own style easier, here are a few best fashion tips ever. day-to-night-outfits- 8jcl-jmsu-lixrious-sweep-train-chiffon-without-sleeves-evening-dress In order to look really attractive, you need to know what part of your body to bare and what to keep covered - choose just one part of your body and show it off.

If you decide to bare your cleavage, cover your legs. If you want to show off your legs, stay covered on top. 8jcl-er5w-glamorous-dramatic-sweep-train-chiffon-without-sleeves-evening-dress 1412836821897580803 To choose your the #clothes that look great on you, learn your shape and know which #silhouette flatters you. If you are petite, avoid maxi #dresses and #skirts, no matter how much you love them. Instead, go for a dress with above-the-knee hem. Jewel-Neck-Short-Length-Dark-Royal-Blue-Chiffon-Beaded-Band-Junior-Bridesmaid-Gown-SG2480-01 blackdress+work1 Feel free to mix your prints. Although it takes practice to combine colors and patterns in a way that looks dynamic, there are some tricks to help you get it right. For example, you can wear two prints that repeat the same colors. images 1BA30F47 Pulling off baggy from head to toe is actually very difficult, but pairing loose pieces with tight ones looks very interesting. Leggings look particularly great with a baggy top. 5d5bb85998b181094adf0e983b14df53 ee436db214232b38fd68e327339d06ce