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If you like to drink coffee, you will be happy to hear that it is healthier for you than you thought. It can be great for your brain, skin and body. Although some may say that coffee has a couple of downsides, such as an increased heart rate and blood pressure, it is also a powerful antioxidant and brain-booster. Here are a few more reason to drink coffee every day. download Coffee is a great source of #healthful antioxidants, it even shows more antioxidant activity than green tea. Fruits and vegetables also have a great number of #antioxidants, but it seems that human body absorbs the most from coffee. Besides, just smelling coffee can help you feel less stressed.

Coffee is great for your liver, it lowers the risk of heart disease, reduces depression, prevents cavities, reduce your chances of getting skin cancer and it may protect you against melanoma. A study showed that those who drink 4 cups of coffee are less likely to be depressed, and the reason it can make you feel good is because of all of those antioxidants. download (2)