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When you prepare for the beach, the last thing you want is a hairstyle that gets messed up easily. What you need is something convenient, but that makes you look pretty. If you need ideas, here are a few summer hairstyles that are simple but that will leave you looking chic all day. 40614b39ebbc4c9c2d479e51dd3aeaed 58b0ea0c6d9ce9c5a26e9734a7713f77 One of the greatest beach #hairstyles is a #bun.

  What's great about this hairstyle is the fact that you can make it sleek or make a messy bun and it will still look great and chic. 215d038d1db1c2f511a89d171c1c301c f825c58f5a75d0b04dfdb70bb42bfbc6 Another very popular beach hairstyle is a French #braid. A French braid will allow you to pull your hair off your face and look classy at the same time. You may even use braided accents to dress up any other hairstyle. a39754da57b6af4ab6eaa7f4a4cd66c1 unnamed-6 If you have naturally wavy #hair, you may want to let it air dry. After washing your hair, apply a protective styling gel and let it dry without touching it, in order to avoid frizzies. Beach_wave_hair plyajnie-volni-na-volosah-21