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Finding the right foundation and applying it can be equally difficult, especially in summer, when heat, humidity or shine due to increased oil production may cause many problems with your makeup.  Besides, dry and tanned skin also play a significant role in choosing the right formula for hot summer months. Take a look and find out how to keep your makeup looking great at any temperature. 6212 The most important thing when it comes to finding the right #foundation for summer is to find a type that is oil free or low oil content. However you decide to apply your foundation, remember to use your #moisturizer and allow it to dry before you continue.

To help your foundation stay in place and last longer, you can use a primer and apply it after your moisturizer and before the foundation. images If you don't feel comfortable wearing foundation in summer, a tinted moisturizer is a great alternative, especially if your #skin doesn't need a heavy coverage.  Moreover, when wearing a tinted moisturizer, you don't need to use any additional moisturizer. Or, you can even make your own lightweight foundation blend by mixing a small amount of your moisturizer with some of your foundation and adjust it to your needs. right+foundation+application