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If you have to live in a rental apartment until you get your own place, there is not reason to resign yourself to living somewhere boring. You don't have to remodel that apartment, all you need are a few clever decorating tricks. Here are a few ways to make your rental feel like home and create a space that works for you. Neat-Elegant-Strip-Wallpaper-Living-Room-Design To make a huge difference in your rental #apartment, change the wall color dramatically. If you don't want to repaint the whole apartment, make use of #curtains to create a curtain wall and enrich the space with some color.

  Another way to create a big impact is to use #wallpaper for one wall in the room. Or, you can paint an accent wall to make your living space more interesting and make a statement. images If doors or cabinets are not in a great shape, you don't have to buy new ones, you can just change the knobs and handles. Another thing you can upgrade without having to spend a lot of money are light fixtures. Just repaint them to add a freshness to the space. blog-cabin-2012-living-room-rustic-and-refined-built-ins-with-weathered-textured-wood-inserts-and-creamy-white-smooth-cabinet-door-frames. If you plan to buy #furniture, look for the pieces you know you will love for a long time, so that you can take them and use them wherever you move. Also, furniture with a pop of color will make the room more interesting and bright. images (1) Another way to make your rental feel like home is to put some family photos wherever you can - frame them and keep them on your shelves or create a gallery wall. 39b1132ba2d5c05bffc14a89f6819ddc