Interesting makeup tricks for girls with glasses

Interesting makeup tricks for girls with glasses

Many girlsĀ think that they have to start applying their makeup differently once they start wearing glasses. Well, that is not true. But, there are a few makeup tricks that can make your eyes look more flattering. Take a look and learn how to make your eyes stand out through your lenses.


When you wear glasses, they draw attention to your eye #brows and you should try to create a flattering angled arch. Also, you canĀ keep your #makeup #natural – all you need is a mascara and eyeliner above your eyes with no makeup beneath your eyes. If you want your eyes to really stand out, choose a sky blue #eyeshadow, because bright colors make your #eyes appear very fresh.

However, you don’t have to keep your #makeup subtle just because you wear glasses. You can also create a shimmery smokey eye and wear a dark colored #lipstick. What you should avoid are cream #eyeliners, because they smudge easily.


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