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Listening to your body is very important, because every change is actually a message. And since the signs can be different, you need to really know your body and recognize every change that might be a sign of a certain problem. Here is what you need to pay attention to. landscape-1437670465-woman-touching-shoulder If your hair is turning gray in your 30s, it can be a sign of diabetes, especially if it runs in your family. If 50% of your hair is grey until you turn 40, you should visit your doctor to rule out this possibility.

While red #palms may indicate liver problems or an allergy to foods and drinks, chapped lips indicate zinc and vitamin B deficiency. Although chapped lips usually happen due to a change in wind or temperature, if this problem persists, you should visit your doctor. images Although birthmarks carry little significance, not all marks are equally benign, especially those that appear as a result of overexposure to sun. As soon as you see a change in the appearance of a mole, visit a doctor. A sudden change in color or texture of your nails can also indicate different #health problems so you should take them seriously. mole-skin-check-400x400 If your eye white is not white even if you get enough sleep, then you should take a good look at it - if you see yellow instead of white, you should have your liver checked, but if you see red, you might be suffering from hypertension. index