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A tastefully and beautifully decorated mantel can easily fill your living room with style and elegance. Moreover, the way your mantel is decorated is actually a reflection of your own style. If you want to make your mantel more beautiful and stylish, but you don't know where to begin, take a look at the following tips and ideas. fresh-fireplace-facades-ideas-with-images-of-fireplace-facades-decor-on-ideas If you prefer a simple yet #sophisticated look, pay attention to the symmetry. Balancing the objects in the space is very popular and important for homes with classic aesthetic. However, if you prefer a style that is more contemporary, vary the height, shape, color and size of your accessories to achieve the desired #look.

If your fireplace is made of brick or stone, add greenery to weigh down the look of those hard-looking materials. Soft lines of plants make the masculinity of a fireplace more gentle and floral arrangements make it look more feminine. 44 A very interesting addition atop your mantel can be a great piece of art, or you can choose a mirror instead. Opt for one large mirror and your living room will look much brighter and choose two mirrors in different sizes for a more interesting interior. 88