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Just like an excellent skin care regimen, healthy nails are an important part of a neat appearance. Weak nails that fray and split can be really frustrating, and although it is a long process, growing strong nails is possible. Here are a few tips for achieving healthy and elegant nails that will be great for different nail art designs. manicure-hands #Nails may break easily due to genes, but that can also happen if they are uneven. To prevent breakage, file them to the same length whenever you see uneveness, just make sure to file them in the same direction. Filing back and forth will weaken your nails, so the proper way to do it is towards the center of the nails.

To prevent chipping and make your nails stronger, apply multiple coats of nail polish. Or, you can apply a base coat, two coats of nail #polish and a top coat. To make your manicure last longer, add a fresh top coat every day. Nails world To protect your nails against harmful chemicals, always wear rubber gloves while cleaning. Household cleaners can wreak havoc with your nails, so keep in mind to protect them and use #moisturizer as often as possible. images