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All-white rooms are very pristine and serene. A white color scheme looks clean, effortless and inviting. However, this look is not easy to achieve and it might not be suitable for your lifestyle. White is a whole palette of colors and depending on the way they are used, they can create different effects. Here are a few very important tips to consider when creating a stunning all-white room. comely-decor-for-impressive-white-living-room-design-with-retro-inspiration_zps51c1f8f2 The most important thing is to choose the right white. If you want to achieve a modern #look with strong lines, lean toward cool whites, choose #furnishings with simple lines and finish with plenty of glass.

  On the other hand, if you want a romantic #interior, opt for warm, creamy whites, and go for plenty of detail, such as lace and marble. all-white-living-room If you plan to avoid color altogether, you need to fill in that gap with a lot of different textures. Choose #rugs with different textures and add a lot of blankets and pillows with thick surfaces. Another way to add interest to your all-white room and compensate for the lack of bold hues is to consider the art of layering. Although you are working with only a couple of shades of white, you can use #layering to create interest. white-living-room-4-Ideal-Home-10-best-white-living-room-ideas