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Each of our fingers is associated with a specific organ and a certain emotion and just by wrapping a certain finger, you can calm its related emotion and organ. This will help reduce the intensity of the negative emotions you may be experiencing. To enhance the effect, you can practice the abdominal breathing at the same time. jsj_hand_whichfinger_crm According to the Chinese medicine, the thumb corresponds to the stomach, skin conditions and worry, emotional pain, stress, sadness and depression, while the index finger represents the lungs and large intestine and its related emotions are sadness, grief and fear.

The middle finger corresponds to the heart, the small intestine, circulatory system and its related emotions are impatience, resentment, rage and hastiness. The ring finger represents the liver, gallbladder and nervous system and its related emotions are anger, anxiety and negativity. Finally, the pinky finger represents the kidney and its related emotions are fear, insecurity and nervousness. images Concentrate on the emotion or ailment that needs attention, hold the corresponding finger with the opposite hand by wrapping all the fingers around it. Inhale and exhale and hold the finger for one to two minutes. hand_web