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Blue eyeshadow can make your eyes really stand out and look bright, more than other colors, but you need to learn how to choose the correct shade and apply it properly in order to avoid looking clownish. There are many ways to wear this color without looking like you are experimenting with different makeup colors. Take a look and learn how to choose the right shade of blue and use it to enhance your look. 1664021 If you have dark brown #skin, opt for cobalt and greyish blues as these colors stand out perfectly on deeper #skin tones. Apply such an #eyeshadow on your lids up to the crease and add just a small amount under your lower lashes using a narrow brush.

If you have fair #skin, you are very lucky girl as you can wear almost any shade of blue, from sky to navy. If you are looking for a subtle #look, use a sapphire #eyeshadow crayon and apply it lightly along your top and bottom eyelashes. For a natural, daytime #look, add a natural rosy #lipstick. makeup-tips-for-blue-eyes Women with light-medium #skin should avoid pastels that won't look flattering on them and choose dark or steely shades of blue, which accentuate the golden tones in their #skin. For sultry eyes, use a navy #eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids and add a silvery blue shade in the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, apply a peach #blush for a #healthy and natural #look. 741d76af19a57f6a6b3244566717c1d4 Do you have any other tip for us?