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If you want your skin to be clear and radiant, the first habit you have to adopt is to take off your #makeup properly. It’s crucial to take off your makeup at night, no matter how tired you might be. Using only a makeup wipe isn’t enough; you need a nice, deep clean. If you want to wake up with dewy and glowing skin, you need a proper cleansing routine. преузимање (3) To be sure that you have no #makeup left on your face, try double cleansing. The first time you cleanse is just to remove the makeup from your face, but the second time is to really cleanse your face. For non waterproof makeup, any cleanser will be enough. But if you use waterproof lipsticks or mascaras, you need a waterproof makeup remover. images (1) Although toners may remove all traces of #makeup and dirt, they also remove natural oils from your skin. Most beauty expert agree that toners are unnecessary. A simple makeup remover will be enough, especially if you double cleanse, so unless you have very oily skin, skip toners.

Don’t scrub when taking your mascara and eye liner off. The skin around the eye is very sensitive so you have to be gentle. Use a cotton pad and a makeup remover specifically for the eyes. Find a waterproof eye #makeup remover so that you don’t need to vigorously scrub the eye area. images